Board of Governors

PEN prides itself on the calibre of its Board of Governance, which is comprised of esteemed professionals and experts from a diverse spectrum of industries and fields. The Board's members play a pivotal role in the organization's success, offering invaluable insights and guidance that help support PEN's strategic direction and educational initiatives. Thanks to their collective acumen and expertise, the Board can provide a wealth of knowledge and experience that is integral to PEN's continued growth and success.

Our corporation's founder, AA Faruki, had a dream that is now coming true: he wanted to use technology to cause a constructive disruption in the field of education.

AA Faruki

Founder & CEO

Professor Bell is a well-known and successful international academic entrepreneur with extensive experience of a number of international jurisdictions.

Professor Cedric D Bell LLB, LLM, Barrister & PhD

Director of PEN

AG has been involved in education for nearly 40 years and has master’s degrees from two international universities.

Andrew green

Director of PEN